Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) organized ZOOM conference on "architectural planning after COVID-19" in cooperation with Bilkent University. HKU Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture has conducted online workshop for the students who attend the classes from Distance Learning System due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has become a global problem all over the world.
HKU Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, which aims to raise students who follow the agenda and use up-to-date technology and has signed numerous workshops so far, held an online meeting on architectural planning after the corona epidemic pandemic. Faculty members of HKU Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture, and over 60 students attended the conference, where Ass. Dr. Murat Özdamar participated as a speaker from Bilkent University.
Özdamar began his speech by stating that the process should be evaluated efficiently. He made his presentation which was about design training and he mentioned about the advantages and disadvantages of Pandemi process to the participants. He also touched upon the importance of integration. He said: “Designs should be produced. We can utilize the designs by using aoutocad and other programmes from distance. It gives us an opportunity to talk about third three-dimensional designs. One of the purposes of digital technologies is to provide the closest image to the real one. We share the real one with our instructors in this field. How much we benefit from this field is better for us. Setting up many programmes at the same time and finding any images together is a good part of this process. Thanks to this, the integration process is getting faster. Programmes are renovated so fast and we need to catch up with it. Do not lose the locations which come from the basic designs because they are especially beneficial during the judging process. The design should be produced and presented. The most significant problem we experience is time issue. Without being too many people in an area, architectural planning will be done. The system is working in designing. There are some disadvantages of this process, however, as far as we are good at our job, we can handle with it. In this term, I believe that the people who put some effort on job will be the best ones and unemployment won’t increase. The work which needs to be done will be conducted by the professionals not by everybody. Making this conference with my instructors and my students made me happy.”
Associate Professor Serhat Yenice who is the head of HKU Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture and Interior Architecture, and Environmental Design and Kübra Kalyoncu Şeherli shared her vision and evaluations related to the future in the platform. In addition, Dr.Murat Özdamar answered questions which were asked by academicians and the students in the conference which was held in ZOOM.