06 March 2020


Kalyon Kültür, which is established on the purpose of supporting cultural production of today by Kalyon Holding, which works to provide added values in all business fields it is engaged in, is opened. Kalyon Kültür, which identifies itself as a young 'societal meeting place', will host many events and organizations in terms of exhibitions, conversations and art field.
Kalyon Kültür aiming at re-discovering the past in culture and art fields and mediating to open new vessels to make this area productive is opened by the attendance of Respectable Lady Emine Erdoğan, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mr. Mehmet Ersoy and Istanbul Mayor Mr. Ali Yerlikaya.
Lady Emine Erdoğan speaking in the ceremony said that, “I sincerely congratulate Kalyon Holding, which invests in education, environment and culture-art as well as the sectors it is engaged in. I wish that Kalyon Kültür will bring good luck to cultural and art life of İstanbul and our country".
Kalyon Holding Board Chairman Cemal Kalyoncu stating his satisfaction to add a new one on the studies about culture and art talked about his opinions as follow: “We attempt to carry out our parts also in terms of culture and art as well as any area that we are engaged in as Kalyon Holding. We take care of giving value and making valuable our human capital prioritizing education, our people, culture and art. In this respect, we have established Kalyon Kültür with the wish and hope that it would be a bridge between the past and the future."
First Exhibition: Roots
The first exhibition in Taş Konak, which will be new meeting point of art-lovers, will be the work named Roots by the first Turkish-Dutch photographer Ahmet Polat winning young photographer award in 22nd Infinity Awards organized by ICP (International Center of Photography), which is one of the most important photography institutions of the world.
The exhibition, which may be seen until June 21st, has the characteristics of being a journey to personal history of the artist Polat from Gaziantep living in Netherlands. Art historian and exhibition organizer Kim Knoppers identifies the work of Polat as follows: “Roots is in the quality of a visual praise to a changing field. An investigation of personal history of the person. An developing inspection of photographic complete works. However; above all, Roots is a sincere and touchy relationship between a father and a son."
The exhibition carries the traces of the visit made by Ahmet Polat with his father to Gaziantep villages for the first time in Netherlands in 2019. This journey for Polat, who says that “I figured out that I follow the same road as my father only exactly the reverse direction”, is the story of finding his origins as a refugee child.
Historical Texture Is Protected
Taş Konak, which was used as Community Center for some time, performed services as Şişli District Governorship until lately. It was renovated and transferred to General Directorate for Foundations by Sisli Governorship in 2013.
Mansion was rented in 2019 by Kalyon Kültür established by Kalyon Holding on the purpose of supporting cultural and art productions of our country. Mansion, which will provide services under the name of Kalyon Kültür, will host art-lovers as a culture and art center in accordance with its history.
The place protected by not harming historical texture of the building has ornaments of Baroque periods and it consists of five floors.
Bridge between the past and in the future: Kalyon Kültür
Kalyon Kültür enlivens in Taş Konak in Nişantaşı built by Abdülhamid and famous for being the house of İhsan Raif Lady, the poet of the masterpiece "Kimseye Etmem Şikâyet (I Don't Complain To Anybody)" at a time.
The mansion, whose building was completed in 1889 and assigned to Mehmet Raif Pasha, who was one of the statesmen of Ottoman period, hosted literature and art meetings held by İhsan Raif Lady (11877-1926), daughter of Mehmet Raif Pasha, for long years.