The success story of Kalyon Holding started in 1944 when the late Mehmet Kalyoncu started to work as a contractor.
Prioritizing contributing to people, society, and the environment, Kalyon Holding continues on its way within the framework of long-term principles and goals in parallel with the development of Turkey.
In 1974, brothers Hasan Kalyoncu and Cemal Kalyoncu, following in the footsteps of their father Mehmet Kalyoncu, founded Kalyon İnşaat. This initiative became a global brand in a short time, with hundreds of projects around the world and large investments for the benefit of society. 

Kalyon Holding continues its journey as one of the most important players of the Turkish economy with its nearly 35 thousand employees and more than 80 years of experience in the construction, investment - management, real estate, energy, and industry sectors. Implementing the business models of the future today with investments in technology and innovation, Kalyon Holding also leads the business world and young people.

Kalyon Holding carried out dozens of huge investments including projects such as the construction and operation of Istanbul Airport, the world's largest airport under a single roof, the first and only factory in the world to bring together all stages of solar panel production, including R&D, Largest solar power plant in Europe, and one of the largest in the world, TRNC submarine transmission line, a first in the world. , Europe’s largest advanced biological wastewater treatment plant, Turkey’s first Metrobus road construction, Turkey’s first offshore drilling platform, Turkey’s first floating liquefied natural gas storage and gasification terminal investment, and the Northern Marmara Highway.

Having made large investments in the field of social benefit in addition to the rapid growth and success in its fields of activity, Kalyon Holding stands out with its contributions to society, especially in the fields of education, environment and culture, and arts. Considering education as the most important investment for the development and development of the country, Kalyon Holding established Erdem College in 1998; in 2008, Hasan Kalyoncu University opened its doors.

Continuing its activities for the benefit of society by making investments in the field of culture and arts, Kalyon Holding established Kalyon Kültür in 2019 in the historical Taş Konak in Şişli to support today's cultural production. Kalyon Kültür, having started with the theme of "social meeting place", hosts exhibitions, interviews, concerts, and many events and organizations in the field of culture and art.

Within the framework of its sustainability approach, Kalyon Holding carries out various projects with the aim of both supporting environment and people, technology, innovation, and raising high-quality human resources. Through these efforts focused on creating permanent value for the society and the country, Kalyon Holding continues to make plans to support Turkey's future goals in the medium and long term, Based on this, the Kalyon Foundation, established with the mission of protecting, developing Turkey's historical, cultural and environmental values and transferring them to future generations, undertakes many projects in line with the expectations of the society, with the support of state institutions and civil society, especially for the protection and preservation of historical artifacts deemed to be within the scope of cultural heritage.

Future heritage, signature works of Kalyon Holding...

World's largest airport
under one roof
First integrated and domestic solar panel
production facility of Turkey
TRNC sea transition distribution line,
which is an initial in the world
Europe's largest
advanced biological wastewater treatment plant
The first company producing electricity
out of the country and imports electricity to Turkey
The first Metrobus road construction
of Turkey

Priority of Kalyon Holding

Future of Turkey...
Kalyon Holding aiming at always providing maximum social benefit to the society and the country continues education investments since its establishment years. Erdem College in 1998 and Hasan Kalyoncu University in 2008 were carried into effect in accordance with the aim of helping growth of quality human resource needed by our country within challenging global competition.

‍ Kalyon Holding aiming at intehrating sustainable development principles with work excellence model consisting of holistic quality, environmental and human resources management systems maintains supports to social development with societal services provided in culture-art, educationi environment and sports fields.