Message of Chairman

Founded 79 years ago by our late father, Mehmet Kalyoncu, a well-known and respected contractor in Southeastern Anatolia, particularly in Gaziantep, and elevated to its current position together with my late brother, Hasan Kalyoncu, Kalyon Holding today stands as one of Türkiye’s most consistently growing organizations, continuing to add value to humanity, society, the environment, and the economy.
Our father’s greatest legacy is his honesty and integrity. From our humble beginnings as a local venture, we have grown into a formidable organization, leaving our mark on both Türkiye and other countries worldwide with globally significant investments over the past 79 years, all driven by our investment competence, experience, know-how, and technology. While undertaking such monumental endeavors, we have always drawn our strength from an unwavering love for our country. As a large family with thousands of employees, we are nourished by this love. This is the underlying force behind our determination to create value for Türkiye.

As an organization that values the sense of trust, we have placed our focus on people, and embraced innovation, honesty, and fairness as our indispensable principles. We have consistently pursued excellence in all of our activities, never compromising on quality in our processes.

With the responsibility bestowed upon us as one of Türkiye’s most consistently growing organizations, we have adopted the principle of adding value to society, the environment, and the economy. Guided by our ethos of “Gratitude to the Past, Value for the Future,” we aim to contribute to both the current and future generations through our investments in green, renewable energy, and social benefit initiatives that focus on education and culture while also preserving our cultural heritage, all reflections of the 35,000-strong Kalyon family’s love for our homeland. United in this purpose, we create value for our colleagues, business partners, Türkiye, and the world.

IGA Istanbul Airport, the biggest airport under a single roof and busiest airport in the world, the Northern Marmara Highway connecting Türkiye to the future and seamlessly and comfortably linking Asia and Europe, a first of its kind in the world, TRNC’s sea crossing distribution line providing uninterrupted drinking and irrigation water from Türkiye to the Cyprus, the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP), the largest and longest gas pipeline in the Middle East and Europe, the North Marmara Natural Gas Storing Project, the largest natural gas storage facility in Europe, and the Kalyon Karapınar SPP, the largest solar power plant in Europe, are but some of the mega-projects we have completed recently. This year has also seen us double the capacity of Kalyon PV, one of the leading solar technology production facilities in Türkiye and the world, which is now exporting its products to the US.

Our priority, as always, is our shared future in unity and solidarity... We, at Kalyon, understand that every investment made, every road built, every factory erected, and every student graduated is another building block—not just of economic development and progress, but also that of a prosperous future. Every step taken, every nail hammered, and every exhibition opened for this purpose shortens distances, brings people closer, and helps us overcome obstacles.

As a company that has its roots in Anatolia, we seize every opportunity to serve the community we are part of. As we undertake social responsibility projects, we take solid steps to fulfill our duty of serving our people, particularly through Kalyon Foundation, Hasan Kalyoncu University, and Kalyon Kültür.

We develop works that will be our legacy for the future. This is our promise: to keep growing stronger every day, to keep investing in our country, producing, and creating value. As the Kalyon family, drawing inspiration from these ancient lands, we will remain the pioneers and innovators in industry, production, technology, education, culture, art, sustainability, and social benefit. As executives and colleagues united in purpose, we will continue to work with all our strength for our Republic as it steps into its second century.
Kalyon Holding