Our Technology and Information Policy

Kalyon Holding Information Technologies has an organization aiming at gathering and developing all technological solutions required by holding companies under a single roof.
Our services and solutions of information technologies are shaped by means of experience we have gained from the projects developed across the world. While providing our services and solutions, we pay attention to follow internationally accepted standards.
It is among our organizational goals to increase the efficiency of the companies within the Holding, to expand the use of ERP for every project, to bring our infrastructure systems to a level that can operate uninterruptedly even in times of disaster, and to contribute to the development of business processes.
In line with these goals, we have commissioned business intelligence applications aimed at efficiency, services that facilitate ERP processes, the document management system that enables mobile access to data, which is the digital equivalent of all the experience the company has gained since its establishment, corporate cloud applications and products that will increase digital security within the scope of the entire Holding.