Our Health, Safety and Environment (EHS) Policy

Kalyon Holding applies continuous and efficient quality approach intended to reach strategic targets in all business processes.
Holding determines the facts below as strategic HSE principles and undertakes to apply these principles within the scope of all activities in order to minimize or to eliminate adverse impacts against the customers, the employees, the subcontractors, the suppliers, other third parties, the physical assets and the environment;
To follow HSE Legislation and HSE Customer Specifications,
To generalize zero accident culture in all employees,
To increase HSE consciousness, participation to practices of the employees by education programs and awarding,
To evaluate HSE risks and dangers in all activities, to take necessary precautions to eliminate or to minimize HSE dangers and risks,
To report accidents and incidents, to research the reasons,
To continuously improve by reviewing HSE Management System performance and to report the results to the related parties,
To integrate the best practices in HSE field in Kalyon Group HSE Management System,
To prevent adverse potential effects to damage the environment,
To keep consumption of natural resources at a minimum,
To reduce adverse effects on social environment by establishing efficient relatioships with local communities,