Our Values

Our values, which are adapted by each stage of all companies under the roof of Kalyon Holding, are compeltely embraced by all of our employees and direct all our activities, underlie our corporate culture. We all sincerely believe , share and protect these values all the time.  

Providing Excellence

The secret of excellence is implicit in meticulousness. We pay attention to any details in order to provide excellence by our strong organization, productive team work and trust-driven approaches in our company structure, in which experience, novelty and innovation are blended.

Being Honest, Fair, Respectful

Honesty, fairness and respect hev been foundation of our operation and compass of our journey from past to today. We prioritize honesty and transparency in terms of our relationships with the customers, the employees and the business partners; we respect to social, cultural and political values.

Valuing Humans

Human resources is our biggest capital and also designation of manufacturaing quality. With this consciousness; our primary goal is to gain high quality human resources, to increase the efficiency of our employees and give them opportunity to improve themselves and offer them a working environment where there is a powerfull collaboration.

Being Innovative

We continuously update our information, technologies and services in order to provide the most appropriate services to changing world and expectations. We warmly welcome new ideas, continuously question old habits and we are not afraid of change.

Making Trust Feel

Trust is the most important value and the hardest success to achieve in our work. We have completed any works we have undertaken up to today at the time and at the quality promised. We do our best to meet the trust put in Kalyon brand.

Looking Ahead For Future

We place sustainability at the focus of our work strategy and we pay attention to responsible usage of resources in order to build a better future for the society we are living in, the environment and the future.

Providing Social Benefits

We never forget about our roots and we go beyond only contributing economically to the society we are rising from. We always support modern education, sports, science and culture art and we always invest in our structure, in which the aim of providing social benefits to our society has become an institutional culture.