Hasan Kalyoncu University

Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) established under the light of science, art, culture, sports, technology and innovation as the first foundation university of the region in Gaziantep attracts attention as a city university to be an international university with 7 faculties, 25 departments, 1 college and 1 vocational school.
While HKU, which aims at growing young people thinking scientifically and producing knowledge in the house of modern education on historical Silk Road, is the preferred address for students from each cities of Turkey, it is included within impportant universities of Turkey with its growing and developing aspects by means of student diversity coming from various countries of the world for education.
HKU, which mobilizes all its opportunities to include grown human power of the future into the ecosystem by means of quality language education system with international accreditation, efficient class consultancy, accessible management and interactive practices, allows thousand of students including international students to have quality and successful education every year with its social activities and informing, peaceful and safe environment.
HKU, which performs studies with its powerful academic personnel, prepares its students for future in a modern campus environment by providing vocational qualifications with its buildings and classrooms equipped according to requirements of our time, library encouraging for research having widespread publishing and book network, application laboratories and clinical experience.
HKU, which is a entrepreneur and innovative university, pays importance to university-industry cooperation with its Silicone Valley Incubation Center, Kalyon Garage Prototyping and Entrepreneurship Center, Smart Reference Building Innivation Center (ARBIM) and Kalyoncu Innovation Technology Transfer Office (KALITTO).


Within the scope of Ministry of Industry and Technology Program About Supporting Attraction Centers, Kalyon Garage provides services such as poject consultation, R&D workshop and prototyping ervices, intellectual industrial property rights consultancy, mentorship and entrepreneurship acceleration by means of its experienced professionals and strong workshop structure to all entrepreneurs aiming at converting their ideas into products and to commercialize them in the project applied under the coordination of Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) by the support of İpekyolu Development Agency (IKA).


HKU as a university produing renewable energy in Turkey obtains its electricity from the sun. There is a solar energy power plant installed on HKU field at 1 MW power and using photovoltaic technology. HKU acts by the idea of how we can leave a better world to next generations without damaging the nature by using renewable energy.


High technology is produced in the Silicone Valley in the USA with "International Incubation Center Project" for important developments such as including R&D and innovation activities, technological products carried out in our country in international markets and increasing export. HKU enables both the students and instructors establish companies in incubation center.


ARBİM (Smart Reference Building and Innovation Center), in which smart systems are integrated, which optimizes operation costs with energy productivity and may be monitored and controlled remotely by using information technologies, is located in Hasan Kalyoncu University carrying out important studies in terms of industry 4.0.