Hasan Kalyoncu University

Hasan Kalyoncu University, which has produced nearly 15,000 graduates to date and ranks in the country's top 10 in graduate employability.
Hasan Kalyoncu University, which was established in Gaziantep on the historical Silk Road in 2008, has the distinction of being the first foundation university of the region. Carrying out pioneering scientific studies with its strong academic staff, Hasan Kalyoncu University prepares its students for the future in a modern campus environment by teaching them professional skills in buildings and classrooms equipped to meet the requirements of the information age, a library that encourages research with a wide range of books and publications, application laboratories and clinical experiences.
Hasan Kalyoncu University, which has produced nearly 15,000 graduates to date and ranks in the country's top 10 in graduate employability, aims to leave a better future to society, the environment and future generations for the sustainable growth of Turkey with the Silicon Valley Incubation Center, Kalyon Garage Prototyping and Entrepreneurship Center, Intelligent Reference Building Innovation Center (ARBİM), Kalyoncu Innovation Technology Transfer Office (KALİTTO) and Technopark.
As said by late Hasan Kalyoncu, “The most valuable investment in life is the one made in people, and the best investment to be made in people is education.” Hasan Kalyoncu University was established with this exact vision, and now ranks among the top 10 foundation universities in student satisfaction, and among the top 9 in occupancy rates. Nearly 4,500 students at the university study on scholarships.



Within the scope of Ministry of Industry and Technology Program About Supporting Attraction Centers, Kalyon Garage provides services such as poject consultation, R&D workshop and prototyping ervices, intellectual industrial property rights consultancy, mentorship and entrepreneurship acceleration by means of its experienced professionals and strong workshop structure to all entrepreneurs aiming at converting their ideas into products and to commercialize them in the project applied under the coordination of Hasan Kalyoncu University (HKU) by the support of İpekyolu Development Agency (IKA).


HKU as a university produing renewable energy in Turkey obtains its electricity from the sun. There is a solar energy power plant installed on HKU field at 1 MW power and using photovoltaic technology. HKU acts by the idea of how we can leave a better world to next generations without damaging the nature by using renewable energy.


High technology is produced in the Silicone Valley in the USA with "International Incubation Center Project" for important developments such as including R&D and innovation activities, technological products carried out in our country in international markets and increasing export. HKU enables both the students and instructors establish companies in incubation center.


ARBİM (Smart Reference Building and Innovation Center), in which smart systems are integrated, which optimizes operation costs with energy productivity and may be monitored and controlled remotely by using information technologies, is located in Hasan Kalyoncu University carrying out important studies in terms of industry 4.0.