Our Quality Policy

Kalyon Holding applies continuous and efficient quality approach intended to reach strategic targets in all business processes.
It determines the facts below as strategic quality management principles and undertakes to apply these principles within the scope of all activities in order to minimize or to eliminate adverse impacts to occur in product and service quality in the activities conducte with the customers, the employees, the subcontractors, the suppliers and other stakeholders;
To carry out sustainable and profitable growth by means of services meeting customer requirements and expectations permanently,
To carry out all works undertaken in accordance with applicable time, costs, business afety, environment and quality criteria,
To learn, to develop advanced technologies and to compete with knowledge and system superiority in order to be innovative and leading in all sectors engaged,
To increase competition capacity by establishing compliant cooperations based on mutual trust with the customers, the subcontractors, the suppliers, the employees and other stakeholders,
To provide that the targets, management systems are published and they are understood by the employees,
To review and to develop quality management system performance by a continuous development focus understanding,
To provide that services produced are made more productively by increasing competence of the employees with vocational education programs,