Integrated Management System Policy

Kalyon Holding applies continuous and efficient quality approach intended to reach strategic targets in all business processes.
Kalyon Holding commits to implement below mentioned principles with its customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders to minimize or eliminate adverse impacts which may affect quality of the products ; Kalyon Holding adopts the below mentioned principles during its activities to minimize or eliminate potential adverse impacts on health and safety of its customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and other third parties as well as on property and environment and commits to ensuring implementation thereof:
Achieves sustained and profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of customers,
To learn, apply and develop the most advanced technologies to be an innovator and pioneer in the sector; to compete with knowledge and system superiority,
To increase the competitive capacity of the company by establishing harmonious cooperation with its customers, subcontractors, suppliers, employees, and other stakeholders based on mutual trust,
Cooperates with customers, subcontractors, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders based on mutual confidence in order to enhance competitive capacity of the company
Ensures that objectives, management systems and controls are issued and understood by employees,
Reviews and improves its performance of integrated management system with an understanding based on continuous development,
Ensures that activites are performed more effectively and efficiently by occupational training programmes for employees in order to increase employees’ competency,
Comply with HSE Regulations and Customer HSE Requirements,
Assess HSE risks and hazards of its activities and take necessary precautions in order to eliminate or minimize them,
Report accidents/incidents and investigate the causes thereof,
Comply with Traffic and Road Safety specifications,
Report HSE Key Performance Indicators to relevant parties,
Improve HSE awareness by means of effective communication and implementation of training programs and incentive schemes,
Disseminate the Zero Accident Culture to all Employees,
Identify and Integrate the best practices in the field of HSE to KALYON İnşaat’s Integrated Management System,
Prevent potential negative impacts which may harm the environment,
Minimize consumption of natural resources to the extent possible,
Minimize potential adverse social impacts on local communities by maintaining effective community relations.