The largest solar energy facility in Türkiye and Europe, and one of the largest in the world, Kalyon Karapınar SPP features approximately 3.5 million solar panels spanning an area of approximately 20 million square meters, equivalent to the size of 2600 football fields, reclaiming for economic use a previously ecologically degraded and desertified land. Construction of the plant began in August 2020, and it reached full operational capacity in March 2023. One of the key components of the project, photovoltaic panels, were manufactured with an 80% local content at the Kalyon PV Solar Technologies factory in Ankara to be used in the Karapınar YEKA-1 SPP project. The project also features a east-west axis solar tracking system (single-axis tracker). This system increases power generation efficiency by 15% compared to fixed angle panels.
The project, with its 1,350 MWp installed capacity, generates nearly 3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, providing clean energy for a city with a population of 2 million. Furthermore, it contributes significantly to Türkiye’s solar energy capacity, resulting in a 15% growth, while also preventing approximately 1.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually.
As one of the world’s top five largest solar energy facilities, Kalyon Karapınar YEKA-1 Solar Power Plant plays a crucial role in reducing Türkiye’s energy dependence as we continue to progress with the strength of this unique land and its people.
"Through domestic and national energy production, we contribute to our country’s development and work towards a more sustainable world."